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The Benefits of using our Plasterers in Edinburgh

Plastering, first used as an interior wall finish during the middle of the 17th century, has distinctive qualities that provide many benefits during the application process and throughout the longer term. Our plasterers in Edinburgh work in any domestic or commercial environment and we adapt the way we deliver our services to the individual requirements of your home or business property.

Superior Decorative Appeal with our Edinburgh Plasterers

Our Edinburgh plasterers insist on the use of high quality materials that lend their own decorative appeal. Plastering covers defects in wall surfaces to leave a smooth, clean finish that looks great by itself or even better when you put your own creative ideas to the test. At Pearl Plastering, we believe there’s no better base for design excellence than a perfectly plastered wall.

Amazing Durability from our Local Plasterers in Edinburgh

The chemical reaction that takes place when water evaporates from mixed plaster results in a strong, durable finish that withstands the demands of a busy household or business environment. The standard of workmanship our local plasterers in Edinburgh deliver copes with everyday bumps, knocks and scrapes with ease.

Ease of Application

The plastering process is generally clean, it creates no dust and as long as you have your walls plastered by a professional, there’s no need to worry about additional finishing work such as sanding.